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Abioaeva reference by camelpardia Abioaeva reference by camelpardia
Done, finally done!
My god this took time TuT
This is a I guess semi open specie, send me a note and tell me about your design and idea and 99 times out of a 100 I'll say yes :3
I'd be really happy if someone wanted to make one, and no you don't have to read everything. But it helps ;P

And if you please, enjoy my shoddy writing



Planet of origin: ?
Current home planet: Charadon

Almost all life upon their home planet Charadon is engineered, abioävas are derived from cougars but they have been heavily modified.
The why and how remain a mystery to the abiävas.
Every Abioäva on Charadon that wasn't born there is a failed experiment.
Due to being a fairly new specie it has not yet had the time to homogenize (imagine that you let a lot of different dog breeds out on an island, in the end they'd end up looking pretty wolf like, as seen in the dingo of Australia).


• Infancy: 2
• Child: 3-6
• Preadolescence: 7-12
• Adolescence: 13-17
• Young adult: 18-22
• Adult: 23-56
• Old: 56-74
• Elder: 75-89
• Ancient: 90+

90 is kind of their “max” just as 100 is for humans
Their brains are fully developed around 19 years of age


When it comes to names they usually have a given name and a surname, if they belong to a specific pack that is also part of the name
for example: Raveese Haydell of the Windsong pack

Some example names (no you do not have to pick one of these they are just here to give you a grasp on how their names sound)

Female: Nadra, Raveese, Maredra, Ichalka, Landeere, Falhaki, Kuladre, Shalessa, Haloudra, Änkei.

Male: Maldor, Sansket, Ledråss, Mael, Domönder, Falhakk, Utessden, Jialh, Yvander, Alaxtoss.

Surname: Haydell, Lear, Underdan, Kumeshtah, Sasskenten, Ishmarl, Ramdren, Indara, Derleria, Ankhat.

Pack names are usually very descriptive, a Pack named Windsong would be rather noisy and probably do a lot of singing.
Examples: Warpath, Windsong, Skyrider, Metalheart, Lifebreather, Magelight, Shadowhaunter, Everwander, Frostsun, Cityplague, Beasthunter.

Not all abioävas have the fortune to be brought up by others of their kind, they of course have different types of names more fitting their adopters.


They're very akin to other felines in their way they act.
But whereas most felines are loners abioävas prefer to roam in packs, a dominant pair and several other males and females (more often than not more females than males).
Other individuals may mate but the alphas children are always given priority.
Pack size ranges from 4-12 individuals and their children.
They are very hierarchical and you better know you place.
If you do not preform the duties that your position entails you will be demoted.
(This has lead to that abioävas are prime troublemakers in countries that are ruled by incompetent leaders).
Low ranking abioävas are the ones that have to try new things first (taste new food, operate new machinery).

Abioävas are a very curious specie.
It's very good to be among the first to do something but not the be the first to do something.
When a low ranking member tries something the rest of the pack usually stands around awaiting the result (feel the pressure). Once that abioäva has done it and it seems harmless the others join in. And if only one can do it the order is "reversed" with the alphas at the head of the queue.
The whole pack takes care of the children but the parents are usually the ones with prime responsibility.
Abioävas do not mate for life but may keep the same partner for long periods of time (sometimes for life).
Multiple partners at the same time are uncommon and is generally frowned upon.
When a pack reaches "critical mass" they usually split into two or more smaller packs.

It's more common for males to leave the pack in search for a female, but females also do from time to time.
The parents of the cub are usually very worried for them when they leave.
Those who leave are welcome back, they may even bring their new mate along (if the pack is large this might become a problem)

Fights in a pack are generally not to the death.

If they preform a great crime they can get banished (since they are so very social it's usually seen as a fate worse than death).
A banished abioäva is usually marked so that others may recognize it as banished.
The mark is usually a scar of some sort administered by one of the alphas

But there are not many wild abioävas and most pick mannerisms from their surrounding (eg: an abioäva who lives among humans might smile when happy and "wail" when sad).
Abioävas generally express sorrow by ether becoming silent or screaming at the top of their lungs like there's no tomorrow.
They make long harsh screams, some wind down into howling noises others end abrupt.
They do not produce tears when feeling extreme emotions.
Abioävas do laugh, it's ether a rapid pant kind of a rather silent hehehehe or "asthma laugh" heeeeehhh, heeeeehhhh. (mouth open wide, no teeth shown).
If it's really funny they squint their eyes.


Abioävas are a primarily quadrupedal digitigrade specie they can however stand, walk and run on two legs.
Walking and standing on two legs is not very comfortable for them in the long run and most prefer to walk on all fours.
But the bipedal stance frees their hands so that they can hold onto tools, food and other things.

They are sprinters and can not run for very a long time
Quadrupedal top speed: 50 km/h
Bipedal top speed: 19 km/h
Quadrupedal walk: 6 km/h
Bipedal walk: 4.5 km/h
(these numbers are for an average sized abioäva)
The larger ones can go 80+ at top speed

Compared to a human their bipedal sprint speed is pathetic since most humans can run at that speed (and humans are long distance runners).

Abiävas are very flexible and as with a cat wherever and however you hold them you will get clawed and/or bit.
Another thing they have from their feline ancestry is the ability to always land on their feet.


Humans are “average”.

Sight: below average color vision. A bit better night vision than humans.
Smell: good
Hearing: average to very good (depending on individual, ear size plays an important role here)
Taste: poor
Touch: average+ (they have whiskers)


Abioävas are omnivorous, compared to humans they eat a whole lot more meat.
They require a lot of energy to survive and meat is a good source for such.
Due to their sucky taste buds food is judged not by its taste but by its smell.
They can not consume food/medication containing theobromine/xantheose, persin or paracetamol.


Abioävas hunt as a pack, they stalk their prey and upon the alphas signal they charge, both males and females participate in hunts.
Different packs have different hunting techniques.
If they do not have weapons they'll go for the neck and wrestle with their prey until it ether shakes them or dies.
Since they rarely let go even when hurt many “wild” abioävas suffer from hunting accidents.


Since almost all life on Charadon (excluding micro organisms) have magic (yes even trees) things can get very dangerous.
Magic is a rather random element some are blessed with it from birth others have to work hard for what little they get.
All magic is somewhat personal, two creatures might use the same spell but the exact effect will vary if ever so slightly.
Also preforming magic is also rather personal, some have to chant, other dance while some just activate it with a mere thought.
The more different your way of preforming spells are the more the magic itself differs.

A certain type of mage could try to learn every spell there is of its type, but most specialize in two to three spells.

The more you use magic the more your body deteriorates, powerful mages may sometimes simply float on the currents of magic.

All beings have one type of magic they can preform and stays the same throughout their entire life.
All types of elemental magic have spells that help, hinder and destroys.

The types are:

Fire: an elemental type of magic, it is the most destructive of all the elemental spells.
Spells include: Fire wall, ember field, inner flame.

Water: an elemental type of magic, the most flexible of the elements it can harm as much as it can help. Water magic also Incorporates cold spells.
Spells include: Ice barrier, healing water, water whip.

Wind: an elemental type of magic, wind lacks truly devastating spells but makes up for it with having a lot of tricks.
Spells include: Flight, storm wind, tornado

Earth: an elemental type of magic, defensive in nature but also containing some rather destructive spells. Earth magicians also control metal.
Spells include: Quake, earthgrave, stoneskin

Havoc: Incorporates all destructive elemental spells. Powerful havoc mages can combine elements to create even more damaging spells.
Spells include: Lightning bolt, geyser, blizzard

Surge: Incorporates all supportive elemental spells. Powerful surge mages can combine elements to create even better spells.
Spells include: Water shield, regeneration, earth strength

Null: reduces the effect of other types of magic, its users can also "burn" mana depleting other mages magical reserves in the area.
Spells include: Null field, dispel, void

Light: Control over light and the absence of light (darkness). This school have many mind altering magics.
Spells include: Blind, fear, soothe

Weapon: Allows the user to transform into a living weapon (eg sword, lance, gun).
When a weapon is wielded the users magic can be channelled through it allowing for long distance magic (bows, guns), wide sweeping arcs (swords, maces).
A spear could be thrown and carry it's wielders magic so that upon landing it could for example explode in a sea of fire.

But these weapons also help their non magic wielders, they're lighter then normal weapons but loose non of their bite, expertly balanced and sharper than any normal blade.

Not all weapons need to be used for offense, some of the most irritating foes to face on the battlefield are hidden snipers using surge magic to buff and heal their allays from afar without being in the line of fire themselves.

Armor: Allows the user to transform into a living armor(eg light armor, platemail, Kevlar).
Armor mages can create auras with their bearers magic and potent close blasts of magic.
They're more durable and much lighter than normal armors of their type.
Armors might not sound as flashy as weapons but do not underestimate them.

Magic in abioävas

In percent
Air: 8
Earth: 10
Fire: 14
Water: 12
Havoc: 8
Surge: 8
Light: 5
Null: 19
Weapon: 10
Armor: 6

Magic and society

Some magicians are more valued than others and some are more feared.
Elemental magicians are more or less the norm and receive the least notice.
No one fears a surge mage and are seen as lesser by those who do not understand their importance.
Havoc mages are feared by many for their destructive capabilities, as a rule of thumb you should not anger those who posses havoc magic.
Light magicians usually have it rough and hide their abilities, their affinity for playing trick on others senses make them a common target for fear and hate.
Armors and weapons are all drafted in to the military and are not given a choice in the matter. They're regarded as far too valuable to not use.
Most are indifferent to null magicians.

Magic and nature

Hunting in Charadon is quite dangerous you never know what magic tricks your prey might have.
Most plants posses null magic to protect them form all magic being thrown by the worlds inhabitants.
Some forests have taken this to extremes and almost no magic can be cast within them.
When such a forest is close to a major city there's usually a courthouse built in it so no light mages can trick the minds of the court.



On Charadon one civilization can differ greatly from another depending on how much advanced tech they'd been able to get their hands on.
The humans regularly dump advanced pieces of technology that the inhabitants find use and reverse engineer.
Sometimes a human comes along and speeds up the process brining knowledge from a far more advanced world.

Government structures are usually "simple" in nature, dictators of different kinds run rampant on Charadon.
Think of kingdoms with medieval style of government and law structure with modern to advanced technology.

Charadon suffer from "Schizo Tech" [link]
"The setting may seem at first to be The Middle Ages, The Colonial Period, or some Fantasy Counterpart Culture thereof, but when you look closer, you find polyester, robots, or other high-tech toys in between the horse-drawn wagons and wattle-and-daub buildings. There's generally no rhyme or reason for which technologies are anachronistically present besides the Rule Of Cool. Sometimes these may be leftovers from a lost technological civilization, or perhaps it could be that science developed along a different path than ours, allowing for more advanced technology in one field, while stagnating in others, but most of the time there is no explanation whatsoever for the bizarre mix of medieval and futuristic. "

Civilizations regularly get erased due to a number of factors including but not limited to (): large monster, hilariously potent diseases, warfare etc.

This leaves the world littered with ruins and other leftovers.


To most life on Charadon humans are gods living in The realm of gods that sometimes grace them with their presence.

Most experiments remember something about their creators and these stories are the foundation of Charadons religion.
Priests usually wear white coats and glasses.
Their holy statues are covered with medical equipment and have tubes stuck into them.
They try to mimic their creators as much as they can.

The gods only allow them to grace Charadon when they are complete and if there's something wrong with you it's your fault and not the gods. You have most likely done something that displeased them and must repent.

Other gods do exist these are usually one of a kind monsters with great magical capabilities.
The most important of these gods is Amarotross which lives between Charadon and the realm of gods and acts as a gatekeeper and guide.
When you wander the space in between worlds the gatekeeper helps you find a way so you may not be lost in limbo forever.

There are more gods, I just haven't had time to create them yet

When it comes to creating artificial life themselves there are some controversy some believe that it's blasphemy to try to mimic the gods while others see it as something they should do to honor their creators.
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Like, I wanted to make a Largest with the  four eared, spikes and three-toed mutation. Would that be okay?


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camelpardia Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist

That's very possible, go right ahead (though size in and of itself isn't really a mutation).

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That's okay, I don't mind questions at all :3

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The most common colors can be found in the reference sheet, natural browns and grays are the most common ones.

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An individual can have more than one mutation affecting them without having to have all of them.
That sounds nice, just send me a note with your idea ('cause I'd love to get more detail :3 ).
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camelpardia Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
They're sadly nonsense ^^;
The names usually have a soft vocal as the first one and a sharp vocal as the last one.
Shibanigans Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Okay, now the comment on the picture itself:
You did such a great job! Geez, this is like a gigantic huge ass ref XD And it's perfect. The types, the colorschemes, the differences, they are all so well excecuted. I love the eyes, and you really gave the attributes a good think. I like how you have thrown in some statistics as well, hehe.
For now I guess the three-toed and the four-eared-polydactyl are my favorites <3
As soon as the break starts, I'd love to create my own one :3 This species is really interesting, and I'd love to see our characters interact X3

Great job Camel, this is epic <3
camelpardia Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
It's okay, you've had a lot to do (and I guess you still do) :3

That's great :D I'm thinking of expanding it and maybe make some sort of Charadon info thing with pretty pictures. (but who knows, laziness has a tendency to bite my in the a**)

Thanks you! :glomp:
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My breaks starts in a month or so. The second of July ;p When does yours?
Me neither >w<
camelpardia Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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SleepyFennec Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Honestly though I actually read the whole thing XD Don't know if that makes me a codex-nerd or if it's easy to follow. At first glance it seems like something from a DnD-book with looads of information. Still I think you only really expected those "normal ppl to read the text on the actual picture ( best. This is DA after all ;P)

I really like this specie^^ I can see myself playing around with a few giftarts in the future;) (and maybe work in some of dat lore just to have some use of my nerdiness :B) It's very nicely put together on the picture and I like all the races. Unfortunatly, I can't say much about the colours because my computer died (for good this time) and the contrast on this screen is way too high (can't change it either or it's owner will lose his shit).
Keep the inspiration flow:D We can have our Charadon-discussion when we both have a break ^w~ (<-- that is the worst ;)-face)
camelpardia Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Hehe, du e galen ;P
Och ja, trodde fan att vanligt folk enbart skulle läsa själva reffet XD

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Det va inte lätt att compilera skiten, men det gick ^^;

Skit dator... :P
Vi syns i april ;)
Joppe7 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012
I am totally speechless with awe. this is the best I have seen and read in a long time.
it is a fantastic and detailed world you've built. lot of hard working and thinking together with a lot of love has been is situated in this.
it's amazing I can only tip my hat to you and compliment you for your work: * bows *
camelpardia Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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My favorite is the one with all the genetics!
camelpardia Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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I struggled with that one, great to hear the the outcome was good :3
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